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Miss A. Pleasance Liddell by o0Moonlight-Sonata0o Miss A. Pleasance Liddell by o0Moonlight-Sonata0o
So, what inspired this?
I'd have to say the lovely :iconbri-chan: and her view on Alice in Wonderland. I read her Hatter/Alice story "When Curiousity Met Insanity" and fell in love with the thought of a post-Wonderland Alice. In her story, Alice returns from Wonderland to the boring and horribly un-curious life. She then proceeds to grow up to be the average, proper, ladylike girl who does all that she's told. She begins to grow bored and starts to long to go back. She then overhears her parents' talk of an arranged marriage, and she decides it's time to return.
I decided to do this little mini-photoshoot in the years in between. She's grown tired of the mediocrity of day-to-day life outside of wonderland, and is looking to return. She's looking out the window for the White Rabbit, as she's probably forgotten the way by now. Or perhaps she's waiting for her love to show up, though she most certainly wouldn't let him know how she's waiting for him. <3

Another inspiration would have to be my now-short hair.
8 inches chopped off and given to a program that's somewhat like Locks of Love. I'm also more of a brunette, as my highlights were chopped off as well.
So I wanted to do a sort of...different take on Alice, where she has her hair up. The traces of the old Alice are still there, though. Her black bow is now around the bun, and her dress is the same, though she's ditched the apron for a large bow around her waist. ((It's actually the same ribbon I used for temari. ;3))

I guess this was sort of in honor of getting 450 page views.
Not a lot, I know, when compared to others, but, eh, considering they're mostly unplanned mini-cosplays taken with the aid of a drinking glass (Or, in this case, a magazine placed on top of a lamp, then the camera on top of that).
Thanks guys. :3

~Piffle Co. Cosplays~

Oh, yeah, and go check out Miss Bri-chan's story at [link]
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June 27, 2008
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